Striving for Perfection – Additional Thoughts

The day after I wrote Striving for Perfection, I read an article in the Huffington Post entitled “Why I Couldn’t Have it All.”  The article can be found here:

In essence, this article is the exact opposite of everything I’m seeking.  It concerned me.  It was written by a woman who, like me, is an attorney who is married to an equally ambitious husband.  Unlike me, she has two kids.  She talks about having it all at one point, where she’s balancing work and family life, but making sacrifices in all aspects of it.  She writes, “When I tried to do it all, I cut corners everywhere. I made sacrifices with everything: my work, my kids, my marriage, my home. And I was miserable. Our crazy, hectic lifestyle wasn’t working.”  Ultimately, she decided to give up her career and focus on her family.  I commend her for it and I appreciate that she recognizes that not every family has the ability to do this.  Some women who want to stay home and care for their families simply can’t.  But this woman was fortunate enough to have the choice and chose her family.

So why does this concern me?  To each her own, right?  Well, this woman sounds a lot like me.  I am trying to have it all – the career, the husband, kids, friends, and an active and healthy lifestyle.  What if once I have it all I’m miserable just like she was?  She seems to think there is no such thing as having it all.  But… maybe “having it all” is just about finding what fulfills you and makes you happy.  Maybe I will be able to have a career, husband, kids, friends etc… and not feel like I’m sacrificing anything at all.  Or maybe I’ll find a different combination that works that is not all of those things.  Only time will tell.  However, I believe that we can have it all, because having it all quite possibly may be different for everyone.


3 thoughts on “Striving for Perfection – Additional Thoughts

  1. Thank you for being a hard working woman! I appreciate your thoughts in this, and I really like your final thought… “I believe that we can have it all, because having it all quite possibly may be different for everyone.”


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